Pregnancy Friendly Skin Care Routine

I was having a few skin issues during my pregnancy that I hadn't really dealt with before.

I got a lot of dark marks all over my face, along with blackheads and the occasional breakouts. (thank you hormones) I had no idea how to treat my skin or deal with all the scarring, since the usual products in my bathroom cabinet weren't effective anymore.

That's when my friend and fellow YouTuber Bianca Renee told me about Mary Scott. A skin care specialist here in LA, that helped clear up her acne and skin. (scroll down for the link to see Bianca Renee's Skin care journey)

After seeing Biancas results I was so excited to meet Mary and learn how to take care of my skin better!

WATCH the video below to see my initial skin treatment with Mary Scott, along with all the helpful tips she shared with me, and a look at my current skincare routine.

My Skin Type:

Sensitive and a bit on the dry side.

My Daytime Routine

- Cleanse my face with Sweet pea Face cleanser

- Ice my face for 10/20 secs

- apply an SPF face moisturizer

My Nighttime Routine

- Wash my face with Sweet Pea cleanser (I also use this to remove makeup)

- Ice my face for 10/20 secs

* Every 2 - 3 days I'll alternate between medications for my breakouts/scars

- Peas size amount of Mandelic Acid (to help reduce the appearance of my scars)

let it dry for 10 mins then follow up with Mary Scott's Collagen Peptide Cream

- on alternate days I'll use a pea size amount of Sulfur acne lotion let it dry for 10 mins and follow up with the collagen peptide cream.

Here's the link to get in contact Mary Scott if you are in LA and would like to book an appointment I highly recommend her! She has helped improve my skin so much and I can't wait to see how it continues to improve over time. She also provides

Check out Bianca Renee's amazing acne skincare update here, and don't forget to follow along on my SimplyBiancaAlexa social media accounts for more updates :)


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