NEVER Blowdrying My Hair Again!

Well, at least not with a conventional hairdryer.

I tested out the new RevAir (Reverse blowdryer) and I am SOLD!

Yes, granted it is pricey (retails for $400) Say WHAAT?...

But is it worth it? In my opinion YES and heres why:

I'm always skeptical of straightening my hair because I do NOT want to get heat damage and it always takes forever to blow-dry it anyway. But when I heard that the RevAir is basically a vacuum for your hair drying it 3x faster than a blow dryer and while using half the heat, I was super curious to test it out.

The RevAir doesn't blow hot air onto the surface of your hair like a conventional blow dryer would. Instead it gently pulls sections of your hair into a tube that envelopes your strands while pulling the water away increasing drying efficiency, and decreasing the amount of heat and time needed to straighten your hair.

This product is bulky so make sure you have the space for it. Aside from that it's fairly easy to set up. and comes with a bag for storage.

I started on freshly washed hair and divided it into sections to work my products in. I always want to make sure my hair is hydrated and protected before I begin to straighten/ dry it.

Products used:

After applying my products I combed through the sections, first with a wide tooth comb and then with my Felicia Leatherwood detangler Brush to ensure each section was smooth and tangle free.

The RevAir has 3 heat settings (low, high and cool) and 7 tension settings (the speed/strength it uses to suction your hair).

Whitney from Naptural85 has a great video demo on using the RevAir for type 3/4 curls and I largely followed her method to get such great results!

How to Use RevAir

For each section I started off with the tension setting on 5 and low heat working the tube up my hair a few inches below my roots (for about 35/40 seconds) . Next I would switch to the high heat setting for a few seconds before switching back to low to dry my roots.

My hair was successfully dried but could be straighter so I brushed out the section and feed it into the tube for a final blast on high heat. TAH TAD ! Thats it, repeat this step on all sections.

I used a wand curl to style my hair afterwards and LOVED the results!

I will definitely be working this into my routine when I want to switch up my hair with out the heat damage. Would you guys try out this product? Let me know in the comments!

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