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Losing A Friend

In loving memory of the sweetest soul sister any one could ever have. Elizabeth Brinson Wallach

Every once in a while, if you're truly lucky, you will meet someone that will transform your life in the most amazing way. My friend Liz was THAT person.

The friend that always had a smile on her face, ready to give you the best advice and words of encouragement whenever you needed them. She had such a warm presence about her and people naturally gravitated towards her genuine, kind spirit and carefree energy.

I keep replaying the sound of her laugh in my mind and all the conversations we would have.

Liz was the first TRUE friend I made when I moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago.

I had just moved here from Puerto Rico to be with my now husband, and besides him I didn't really have any friends here. He had his core group of friends but I never felt like I fit in with them.

When I met Liz, what started as a simple collaboration between our social-media channels, blossomed into the most beautiful friendship that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I had been in LA for almost a year and honestly I felt pretty lonely until I met Liz. She was like a breath of fresh air, so fun and bubbly and we INSTANTLY clicked. She had the most amazing style and humor, she was so warm and giving and I admired her in so many ways. She lit up every room with her presence and beautiful spirit.

She was the first person to tell me that I could turn my YouTube channel into a job, or that I could be a Model if I really wanted to be. She always knew the BEST food places to eat, the coolest music playlists to listen to. Heck, I didn't even know what Uber or Lyft was until I met her.

The first time I went to a Strip club was for her bachelorette party. We all wore different colored wigs and it was one of the most fun nights of my life.

The first time I went to Mexico was for her wedding.

The first time I went to a drag queen show was for her birthday.

Liz never took herself too seriously and always knew how to have fun.

There's so many gems Liz taught me throughout our friendship, and her friends and family were always so important to her.

When I was pregnant Liz threw me the most beautiful baby shower. it was the most perfect day, the weather was amazing, the food was so yummy, just hanging out and celebrating new life with our friends was so so special.

Liz was so thoughtful, giving and sweet, there truly was no one like her.

She was so excited to be a Mom and meet her beautiful baby girl, and I'm so happy she was given the chance to meet her beautiful daughter Time Elizebeth

Time entered the world on March 14th, and my sweet Liz tragically left this world a day after. Her adoring mother-in law wrote why liz chose such a unique and special name for her baby girl.

For a day, my darling daughter in law was also a proud & glowing perfect Mom. Liz chose her daughter’s name many years ago, & she & David-Andrew kept it their closely- guarded secret until announcing it to all of us on Saturday afternoon. To Liz, her daughter, would be the embodiment of the most precious commodity in the universe, time. Liz of course never imagined how truly prescient her name choice would be as a reminder to all of us who loved & admired her.

Liz, I still can't believe that you're no longer here. I keep wanting to text you, to just hear your voice and go over to your house for another fun girls day. I know it's pointless to think about why this happened, and so instead I try to focus on all the amazing memories I was blessed to share with you. You truly were the brightest light, a true Angel on earth and I am forever grateful that you were part of my life, that you gifted me your friendship and warming presence. I have no doubt that your gorgeous baby Time Elizebeth will know the incredible & amazing Mama she had because we will all make sure of it. You are so so very loved, and it brings me comfort knowing that you knew that. That you were ALWAYS surrounded with love, that you always gave love and I pray that you continue to rest in love.

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